Less for more

Mr DIY Plus Mid Valley
Mr DIY Plus Mid Valley

‘The richness of style in your life is not about how much but how you spend it’

‘Less for More’ conceptualize the flagship store as an experiential retail space that realizes the richness of the human spirit is in the style of their lives by the craft of bringing out their creative best of how they put things together and not by how much is spent.

The heart of the store is an experiential hang out space laid out in 4 zones to show and live this idea.

It starts with the what’s hot/new displays zone, then followed by the current affairs/event happening space(Diy, culinary and toys), through to the seasonal lifestyle sets diorama to finish at the destination cafe as F&B is a Malaysian social integrator.

The space is designed to be  physically interchangeable easily to respond to seasonal transformation to keep the store continuously fresh, alive and current of the Less for More lifestyle.

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