Puchong Legenda

Puchong Legenda
Puchong Legenda

Taman Puchong Legenda, uses nature to form communities by driving a Passive lifestyle in a sustainable green canopied environment, has been successfully received in Phase 1A. Phase 1B begins its celebration of the canopies at the entrance gates from under a tree covered avenue set in the forested park.

We continue the ‘living under the canopy’ concept to reduce our dependency on artificial energy. It is a conscious journey that caring for the natural environment is a way of life. Phase 1B harnesses the crosswind from the nearby lake to cool the environment which promotes the natural ecosystem for a sustainable lifestyle. The Green Canopies acts as an umbrella and absorbs the wind to create naturally cooled spaces underneath it for all day social and sports activities below.

The buildings are designed and orientated to the prevailing winds in the micro climate to maximize cross ventilation. This will achieve comfortable naturally ventilated spaces to minimize the need for active air conditioning and energy. Simply, minimizing heat gain reduces the need for air conditioning which in turn reduces carbon emission.

The Phase 1B architecture accentuates the individually crafted homes streetscape approach unique only to Taman Puchong Legenda.  The corner and end lots forms visual green corridors to allude to the green canopies breaking the effects of long streets syndrome.  There are more corner designs which comes with landscaped green roofs to give delight and character at the areas of vista change. The Second Skin Facade are heightened and enhanced to allow operable panels for a more kinetic variable look to give even more diversity and identity to personalize their own spaces.

Besides the aesthetics, the second skin aluminium louvre screens are strategically placed to cool the buildings by preventing harsh direct sunlight penetration to increase the thermal mass during the day for the cooling process. It is internalized through the high ceiling spaces in the buildings to allow hot air to rise and dissipates quickly in order to accentuate cross ventilation.

Taman Puchong Legenda is planned to be an impetus to create great people cohesion, living in harmony in nature. The Passive Outdoor lifestyle provides greater social interaction to form good relationship and bonding for a closely knit community.

The homes in Phase 1A has appreciated beyond its natural value. The value of adjacent landed properties in this Valley also continue to steadily rise. But those that are in good strategic locations will fetch a high premium especially with those that celebrates its environment and connecting in nature with a strong community.

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